The unseen journey across the Wards Island bridge

It’s early morning with a warm feeling all over. What do you do? Invite passing strangers to join you on a long walk towards the park for a nice picnic followed by some volleyball?

No, you walk towards the closest bridge and cross over. This day, that would be the Wards island bridge.

The large ramp in Manhattan to get to the Wards Island Bridge

How NYC looks to the right of the Wards Island bridgeHow Manhattan appears to the left of Wards island bridge

The long passage of the bridge

The view on the actual Wards Island bridge

Party in my ipants written on side of bridge

Larges waves rippling through the East River

The Wards Island Bridge from an angle

The rocks and moss found on the East RiverA small road near East River leading away from bridge

A tree trunk cut in half

Man riding bike on Wards Island bridge

A few steps into the pedestrian connection and with the obvious sparkling blue dominant visual here, what’s better than to sticking one’s head and take in the fresh air?

Salt. Yes, what else did you expect? That short outburst wasn’t long lived. But looking around, I won’t lie to you, the buildings were not impressive in any magnitude. Nice to look at, yes. Great? No.

Exploring the center of this structure, I was surprised to find much graffiti. There were few encounters in the morning, so people must come out during the dark.

Finally over at the other end of Wards island pedestrian bridge, it was offsetting to see Manhattan from afar. To be so close, yet so far.

I knew the first thing I wanted to do. For in Manhattan, metal barred further water inspection but with the looser restrictions here, my body approached the water. You’d be surprised how dirty looking it is. Yet, life sprouts all over. A biologist’s dream.

But you couldn’t avoid looking at the once living; this tree butchered for seemingly no good reason. What’s left is only a carcass. A reminder of its former growth.

Not shown, however, were the few people scattered sitting around the bridge; inhaling the salty air. Reminiscing.

The eyes would stay locked onto the dead had it not been time to depart. So, what took a long time to arrive to Wards island, only took a few measly minutes to return back.

I will admit being happy seeing a few more individuals crossing over, despite no interaction. Maybe it was the time of day but this area seems like a retreat of sorts.

Once you arrive, it’s difficult to leave like any place. Weird as it may be, this short experience was both quite thrilling and relaxing.

A place for deep thoughts and, perhaps, get away from it all. But, of course, this is great only for extroverts. Individuals such as myself … far more than necessary. Some may say I do enough thinking for everyone.

Alas, a few more shots taken and one last look before touching Manhattan ground.